Transfer by bus

Transfer is provided 24 hrs day. Depending on the number of people registered for transfer, you will have a minibus or a big bus. This kind of transfer is a collective service, that means the price for the service will be low. All the vehicles will take the passengers to the destinations, such as a hotel, resort or a landing place. All the buses have air-conditioning. You need to make 45 minutes to receive your luggage and go through passport control.


Private transfer

Private transfer is for those passengers who prefer a private vehicle and a driver assigned to the family, friends or a business group.

The cost of the service is determined by the type of the transport, which depends on the number of the passengers. As the private transfer is organized according to the time of your arrival to the airport, the waiting period is excluded, you are taken where you wish right away. The cost of the services is paid not per person, but for a number of the cars you will need. Using this kind is service, you will be able to go to any place.


VIP transfer

This kind of service involves all the components of private transfer, as well as a trip in a comfortable and luxurious car.

The services of a minibus and a single-decker. These services include the components of private transfer, but we recommend this service to the big groups of people.


Private flexible transfer

This kind of transfer is very similar to the bus transfer, because you will go right to the destination without a lot of stops. In this case your transport will be either a minibus or a car. Its distinction from a bus transfer is only that you will go right to your destination, and from a private transfer-you will share this service with other passengers.



Organization of transport services.


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